Finally Find Out What Turns Women on and How to Do It Quickly

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At last, after years of working out at the gym and putting in long hours in the office, you feel like you are in a good place in your life. But when you walk into your home at night, and see that there is no one waiting for you, all your hopes and dreams about a better future shatter into a million pieces. Are you wondering where you went wrong? Your failure to find out what turns women on might be the root of all your problems.

There are many men who have been confounded with what turns women on, whether it’s a six-figure paycheck or a dazzling personality. The fact is that there are several factors that work together to turn women on and make them irresistible to men.

Today, in this article, you will learn about what turns women on. Make sure you stick to the end of this article, so you don’t miss a thing. Just choose one or two of these to try each week, and you may see a difference in how women react to you.

1. You Have Nothing to Lose: Be Confident

The subject of turning a girl on often leaves men baffled and confused. They try to work out ways to make women attracted to them and still remain alone and in eternal dilemma. In reality, then truth is extremely simple: Just be confident. Yes, it might seem easy since approaching a girl is 100 times more difficult that applying for a job and sitting before an interview panel.

believeIf you are one of those nerds and guys with self-esteem issues who haven’t figured out how to be confident in front of girls, this one is for you.

  • Believe: The poet E.E Cummings had once said that “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” The secret to being confident is believing you can do anything you want only by shunning your self-doubt and negative thoughts.
  • Be Kind: There is no substitute to being kind and generous. Let your pure soul shine bright in your conversations with members of the opposite sex. Confidence will follow naturally.
  • Know Yourself. Ask yourself questions such as: what are your most cherished principles? Or what is the goal of your life?
  • Take Your Time: A confident person speaks slowly. Take your time forming your thoughts before you speak. It will work wonders.
  • Stand Tall: Always practice good posture and stand tall. Even if you aren’t physically tall in stature, stand firm and confident. It’s how you hold yourself that matters.

2. Bring Your Best to the Table: Pursue Her, Make Her Feel Special

romanticMen and women like to feel special and appreciated by their romantic partners. A woman might be a strong, confident professional in her work place, but she surely won’t able to stop smiling when you get down on your knees and hand her a bunch of red roses.

If you are wondering what turns a girl on, it is a knight in shining armor who whispers sweet nothings in her ear. The man who hugs and kisses her tenderly as soon as she walks into the home. The lover who pampers her with gifts, even when it’s not her birthday or anniversary. It doesn’t always have to be about the big gestures. She will appreciate you listening attentively while she rants about her hard day at work.

Women prefer guys who treat them with respect, listens to them and honestly wants to know the real her. Your listening ability and your friendly personality will prove to be a winning combination.

If you follow these simple tips religiously, she might crown you with the “Boyfriend of the Year” award.

3. Be a Go Getter Man with an Achiever Attitude

Statistics have shown that ambitious men turn women on. Now, you might be tempted to think that this is just one of the sly ways to goad you into getting your life back on track but believe, it is not so.

Contrary to men, women enter into a relationship with the idea that they want to establish a future with the partner of their choice. They know that, once the initial rose tinted phase of love fades, emotional maturity and financial stability will be some vital factors which decide whether your relationship makes it in the long run.

Here are some of the tips which will help you to be a go getter man with an achiever attitude:

  • Respect Your Decisions. Be brave enough to stick by them
  • Manage Your MoneyFocus on the Future: Before you go around registering your name on dating websites, know that if you are looking for something deep, meaningful and long lasting, you need to focus on your career first and foremost.
  • Be Independent: Move out of your parents’ house and buy an apartment of your own, no matter how small it might be.
  • Manage Your Money: Don’t ask anyone for money. Learn how to pay your own bills.
  • Stay Focused: Be in control of your life.
  • Make a bucket list of things you want to do before you die.
  • Make a Plan: Get your 10-year plan, along with clear ways in which you wish to achieve your goals.
  • Hone Your Culinary Skills. Do not depend on anyone to finish your household chores. Your girlfriend will be your support system, not your maid.

In short, grow up to be a mature man from a childish boy and girls will come flocking to you.

4. The Wolf of the Pack: Be an Alpha Male

alpha maleOkay. This one is a bit tricky. You are not animals, so you would think that the concept of the alpha male shouldn’t even be applicable where modern dating rules are concerned, right? Wrong.

An alpha male is a leader and as you must know by now from your life experiences, a guy in leadership role is what turns women on. An alpha male is a reservoir brimming t with confidence and intelligence.

A word of caution should be included here. Don’t think for a moment that beating up other men who are physically weaker than you, or being a cocky loser with good looks would make you an alpha male. In the modern world, doing what you do best with confidence; be it body building or painting, being a lawyer or a house husband makes you an alpha male. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. What Turns Women On 101: Be Stylish

The female species is not so hard to decode, actually. Just like men, girls follow the motto “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Yet, they appreciate men who know what looks good on them and are adept at keeping themselves stylish.

Don’t worry we won’t ask you to subscribe to men’s fashion magazines and spend your precious time reading them. You won’t need them anyway when you get down to reading the simple tips for men to look stylish listed below:

  • Simple is the way to go. Only the fashion amateurs amongst teenagers make the mistake of equating a style name for being brand conscious. Therefore, they end up splurging all their pocket money on tuxedos they won’t even wear.

leather jacketWhenever you are confused about what to wear on a first date, stick to the basics. Your rugged jeans, white t-shirt and tan leather jacket will make more of an impression on her on a casual date than a formal suit and vest combo ever will. The secret to acing the fashion game is to wear the right clothes for the right occasion.

  • Shoes maketh a man. You have to cultivate a good taste in shoes. There are no two ways about it. The pair of shoes you choose to put on says more about you than your dating profile will.

 Some of the shoe options you can pick from are oxfords, monk straps, boots, converse all stars and chukkas.

  • Accessories do matter: No, it’s not only girls who are supposed to accessorize their outfits with trinkets and jewelry. Nothing is more attractive to a girl than a man who knows how to tastefully wear his accessories.

 Opt for classy watches and understated bracelets for an informal affair. Get the placement of your ties and pocket squares right when it’s a gala dinner you will be attending with your partner on your arm.

  • Don’t skim the grooming session. Self-maintenance is the name of the game. Clip your fingernails and toenails, get a close shave and acquire a signature scent. If you feel facial hair suits you, make the effort to groom it regularly.

6. Be a Rough Man with a Soft Core

deep conversationHow many times have you watched, Gone with the Wind? Have you ever wondered why such a headstrong, beautiful girl like Scarlett O’ Hara fell in love with the middle-aged self-assured, Rhett Butler? That’s because on one hand, he was an alpha male who knew how to make money out of his talents and on the other, he had a heart of gold which cared only for the well-being of Scarlett.

When you are out there turning women on with these tips, make sure you have your heart in the right place.  Move into hustle mode on during the day and come back home to make chamomile tea and have a deep conversation about your favorite TV series.

7. Men, Let’s Talk Money

Women can spot a cheapskate from a mile away. You can probably guess how that would affect your chances of getting a date with her afterwards. Don’t go on blaming girls for their superficiality now.

Your future partner surely needs to know whether you would be able to buy her a diamond bracelet on your wedding anniversary or whether she would have to sleep with you inside your makeshift tent.

wealthy menIt’s not about money. It’s about what money can buy. Here are some reasons why women fall for wealthy men:

  • Rich men can afford to be spontaneous. They have the funds needed to plan an impromptu dinner date in Italy. The girlfriends just have to hop on board the plane.
  • Life with rich men is packed with excitement and fun. They know how to have a good time and are wise enough to know when to pull back so that their girl doesn’t get into any trouble.
  • A rich guy is always well-groomed and stylish. Just browse through the pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch or Ryan Reynolds, and you will know what this mean.
  • Women have a soft spot for men who want to make the world better. Wealthy guys who donate their time and money to diverse charities fit the bill pretty well, no?
  • Wealthy men are often self-made. Even if they are not, they are focused enough to maintain their fortune. They are driven in their career goals and inspire women to pursue their ambitions fearlessly.

In short, women like a man who has ambitions and has clear directions in life. These are the kind of men who are well-assured of themselves and do nothing conceited of any sort. They offer security and every woman wants to feel protected.

Even you want to date a rich man now, don’t you? Work hard and you can be one too.

8. Dance, Dance, and Just Dance

Join a dancing class right now. No, this is not a joke. What turns women on visually is the sight of a handsome, strapping young man shaking his booty to some hip and happening beats.

DancingDancing is such a fun way out for girls to bring alive their Cinderella fantasies, that they can’t resist falling for it each and every time. The girl you are eyeing across the bar might be shy and guarded ordinarily, but when you invite her over to the dance floor, she would definitely allow you to have your way with her.

Whether you are dancing to an upbeat tune or a slow number, you are given more than enough chance to flirt, embrace and even kiss your dance partner depending on the mood of the evening. Girls use dancing as a procedure to vet men for being sociable, sophisticated and presentable.

You can put her on a pedestal and bring out the macho in you by leading the dance. If killing not two, but multiple birds with a single stone is your style, you should definitely try this one out.

9. Are You Ready to Sweat It Out?

The first thing you do after getting out of the gym is to wipe your sweat off with the towel that is always there in your backpack. After all, society had taught you early on that women stay far away from boys who are rough and sweaty. It might be time to reevaluate how you want to deal with your sweaty body.

sweaty menA man with visible sweat wouldn’t be considered something which turns women on physically in the traditional sense; however, here are some reasons why women fall for sweaty men:

  • They tend to associate body sweat in men with outgoing qualities. They feel sweaty men are pros at building things, chopping wood all the while being their hot best in a shirtless avatar.
  • Men, who allow sweat to rest on their body, rather than wiping it off, show that they don’t take life too seriously and wouldn’t expect you to be perfectly put together all the time.
  • Sweat is an uncontested sign that the man works hard and is skilled.
  • Like animals, humans also have pheromones in their sweat, which attract the right partner. Why join a dating site when your sweat can find the perfect match for you?
  • Sweaty men are usually the spontaneous ones who are up for adventure at a moment’s notice.

Tempted to go overboard with the sweat thing already, aren’t you? Keep in mind that women are attracted to sweaty men not men with body odor, which you to your next tip on how to turn a woman on.

10. Smell Right and Be a Gentleman

Does your sister exclaim, “You reek.” at least once a week? She is probably right. It’s not your sweat which causes your body odor, but rather your hygiene and your eating habits.

In case you are used to eating oily, greasy takeout meals, washing it down with a cup of coffee and following it up with a packet of cigarettes, your stink shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Once you have successfully eliminated the factors that cause body odor, you can move on to selecting your signature scent.

citrusAre you wondering what the three types of cologne are, and which one will suit your personality the best? Read on to find out.

  • Citrus Cologne: The citrus colognes have a fresh, casual and clean smell, which blends right in with those men who are into sports or body building.
  • Green Cologne: Experts have classified the colognes, which have a fruit or floral based smell, under green colognes. If you are a creative man, this cologne would bring out the artist in you.
  • Spice Cologne: Spice colognes are the strongest of the three with a musky scent with tobacco, wood or leather notes. This type of cologne suits the no nonsense corporate men who work hard and party harder, the best.

11. Chivalry Is Not Dead

In the day and age when the idea of feminism is on the rise, it is quite confusing to understand whether being chivalrous is the way to go or not. Don’t be mistaken though.  Feminism is about giving equal opportunities to both men and women, so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

You may have never seen a girl giving dirty looks to a man who is holding the door for her, or pulling out the chair for her to sit in a restaurant. Be chivalrous as much as you want, as long as you don’t engage in chauvinistic behavior, like picking up fights with men just because they approached your girl. The modern girl doesn’t need saving.

12. Are You A Man Down Under?

erectionLet’s imagine for a second that you end up with the most beautiful, understanding and intelligent girl in the world by following the ideas given in this article. But then what? Do you know what turns women on in bed? If you want to make an impression on her by knowing exactly what turns women on sexually, you are in the right place.

Trust ProExtender System to take care of all your penis enlargement needs without any surgical procedure whatsoever. This system will help you to increase both the length and width of your penis by one and a half to two inches through the scientific formula of progressive overload. It specifically targets the muscles, ligaments and tissues that give a rock hard erection.

13. Introduce Her to Your Family

After you have started dating, don’t delay introducing her to your family. Such a simple gesture would communicate how much she means to you and how serious you are about your relationship. Also, there’s no one better to assess the authenticity of your girlfriend and future wife than your parents.

14. Be Yourself

At the end of the day, your girl should love you for who you are, and not someone you are pretending to be. It is good that you are making an effort to win over the girl of your dreams with these tried and tested tips, but don’t change yourself for anyone. The right girl will try to know what turns you on.

Don’t you think you know so much more about what turns women on than when you started out? However, these are only some of the general attributes in men what women like and there’s so much more you could do to win her over. Get to know her better with the tips listed above and she will be the one dropping you the clues.


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