How to Increase Size While Enjoying Yourself Using Penis Massage Oil

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How to Increase Size While Enjoying Yourself Using Penis Massage Oil

People often talk at length about how women are ashamed of their bodies, but in this day and age of gender prejudice, men are conveniently relegated to the margins. If you are a man, you must be aware of the feeling of nervousness, which erupts in you whenever the topic of the penile length and girth arises when you are out with your boys. You come back home and end up asking yourself, “Is there no way out of this helplessness?”

If you feel inadequate, here is some information on the benefits of penis massage oil. Keep reading to the end to discover how you can enjoy a good sex life, which could leave your partner and you panting for breath by the end of the night.

Are you ready to change your sex life? Let’s get straight to the tips that may help you increase your penile size.

1. Remember, a Small Penis is Not a Deformity

self-confidence takes a turn for the worseTechnically speaking, the men who have small penises don’t suffer from any physical complications per say; however, the problem of having a penis, which is small, manifests itself psychologically.

The fear that your penis doesn’t match up to the standard of masculinity that other men live by can hamper the quality of your life. Your self-confidence takes a turn for the worse to the extent that not only you find yourself incapable of indulging in sexual intercourse, but also approaching a girl for a date seems to be an impossible task.

Here are some of the personal problems that may plague men who have, or think they have, small penises.

  • Stress: You will be more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety wherever any sex related activities are concerned. You would prefer not exposing your penis to judgment by not having sex in a long time.
  • Low Self-Esteem: You could suffer from a serious case of negative body image and lack of respect for yourself. You would find that you have no ambition in conquering your professional dreams.
  • Shame: You probably will not want to look at your naked body when you are bathing as you would feel as if your masculinity would always appear dim in front of other men with large penises.
  • Sex Issues: Even when you have sex, your libido wouldn’t be at par with your desires and you would always feel unsatisfied at the end of the night.
  • ED: You will experience weak erections which would give way to embarrassing episodes of pre mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Relationship Problems: You will have a hard time opening up emotionally to your girlfriend or wife, which might in turn bring about the possibility of marital discord.

2. Stop Playing the Shame and Measuring Game

A study has been conducted to find out the average penis size of an ordinary man. The results, which have been published in The Journal of Urology discovered that when a man’s penis is flaccid, it’s length is about 8.8 centimeter or just 3.5 inches, whereas when the penis is erect the length can go up to 12.9 centimeter or just 5.1 inches.

measure their penis sizeNow, the question arises: how can you possibly know whether the size of your penis at par, above or below the standard penis size? Many men don’t know the correct way to measure their penis size and come up with wrong assumptions about their penis size more often than not.

Here is how to measure your penis the right way:

  • Erect Girth – Don’t be surprised if you get varying results when you venture out to measure the erect girth of your penis. This might be because you changed your position every time you were measuring it. You can either use a piece of string or a measuring tape to wrap it around your penis. Pull it to the extent that you are comfortable and then mark the centimeters that it has covered.
  • Erect Length – This is probably one of the most significant penis measurements. Allow your penis to attain an erection naturally and then measure its length by holding it against a measuring tape or a ruler.
  • Flaccid Girth – It will be quite difficult to find the correct flaccid girth of your penis, as the softness wouldn’t allow for accurate measurements all the time. Do the best you can by extending your penis and wrapping a measuring tape half way around the length of your penis. The measurement you get from this position will be the most accurate one.
  • Flaccid Length – Measuring the flaccid length of your penis can prove to be a bit tricky as your penis keeps on changing every hour due to the environmental factors involved when it is flaccid. You should begin measuring by standing straight and extending your penis in front of you. You must take special care such that you don’t stretch your penis whilst you are measuring it. Just hold the measuring tape at the side of your penis and note down the centimeters it comes up to.

3. Your Penis Is The Star Of Your Body: Make It Look Good

What if you found out that you actually had a normal or large sized penis, which you thought to be a small one all along?

pubic regionMen often ignore personal hygiene when it comes to getting rid of all that hair in the pubic region. Having a large amount of curly pubic hair often hides the lower portion of the penile shaft in such a way that you can never determine the real length of your penis by its mere appearance. An extra one to three inches are added to the penis size when men trim or cut the public hair from their bodies.

Do you want to learn how to “manscape,” too in order to increase your penis size? Read on to find out about the two-step process which allows you to do exactly that:

  • The Trim: You would never be able to shave off your pubic hair completely if you don’t trim them first. Soak a washcloth in lukewarm water and apply it on your pubic hair, so that the hair strands are adequately soft for trimming purposes.

Find small scissors and start trimming them down to the length that you desire. Sit down on the toilet or stand above a trash can while you are trimming since letting your lady love find out your hair clippings on the bathroom floor wouldn’t be the right start to your romantic night.

  • The Shaving Method: Now that your pubic hair consists of short stubs of hair, you should apply some shaving gel on cream on the area where you would need to shave.

Stretch the skin with your thumb and fore finger if you wish to avoid the ugly cuts and nicks and run your razor in the direction of the growth of the hair follicles. In case you don’t follow the grain, you will be most likely to suffer from ingrown hairs which would make your groin have numerous red bumps.

After you have shaved off all the hair, apply some aftershave on the area and don’t get tense if you have a burning sensation. It is only natural to be a little uncomfortable after you have shaved for the first time, but gradually you are bound to get accustomed to it. If you want, you can use a moisturizer instead.

4. Stop Smoking and Invest in a Penis Massage Oil Instead

Your cardiologist might have already advised you to stop smoking, since it may cause high blood pressure, stroke and other heart diseases. But, what he hasn’t told you is that when you suffer from heart problems, your libido suffers badly too.

cigarette smokeThe minute particles in the cigarette smoke gets introduced into the blood circulation  in your body and blocks up the flow of blood by getting into the arteries. The erection of your penis depends on the flow of blood into it and with smoking there is a high possibility that you would suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Don’t lose hope yet. Check out our tips to kick your smoking addiction to the curb.

  • Chart Out Your Plan – Set a deadline within which you wish to quit smoking and mark the date in your calendar. When you are confident that you will get rid of your smoking habits by following a plan, you will be more focused and motivated. We would advise to ask too much of yourself by setting unrealistic goals.
  • Avoid Places and People Who Trigger Smoking Urges – Get rid of all your lighters and cigarettes. Dine in places which are smoke free and try to avoid caffeine as it would make you jittery.
  • Always Stay Busy – Do things you love like watching movies, reading books, going on long walks and spending more quality time with friends and family members who don’t smoke.

Don’t neglect your health and make sure you engage in deep breathing for relaxation and drink lots of water. Aim to work hard. Enjoy in a way that you don’t get the opportunity to think about smoking.

  • Ask for Help – Ask your loved ones to support you on your journey towards a smoke-free life. We promise they would help you overcome your urges without passing any judgment.
  • Take One Day at a Time – It is okay if you deviate from your resolve to quit once in a while. Don’t let yourself overwhelm by the changes happening in your body and soon you will be able to cross the final hurdle.

5. The Gluttonous Feast: Foods You Should Eat for Penis Enlargement

Foods You Should EatThey say that food and sex are the only two things in life which give you more pleasure than you could have ever anticipated. Who knew that you were wasting your time and efforts all along when you could have made some simple changes to your dietary requirements and your penile length would have increased monumentally?

Before you start using your new found knowledge, read through this list of foods. See if you can find your favorite food for penis enlargement in this list:

  • Salmon: Fresh salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which reduce the viscosity of your blood, thinning it gradually. As your blood circulation improves, penis enlargement would be waiting to happen just around the corner.
  • Bananas: If you have a healthy heart rate, you would be more likely to obtain an erection in comparison to other men. The potassium contained in bananas improves your blood circulation which helps in increasing your libido.
  • Watermelons: The amino acid called citrulline, which is present in watermelons helps you maintain your erections for a longer duration by dilating your blood vessels. You wouldn’t have to worry about eating too much of this fruit as it is beneficial in improving the overall health of men.
  • Onions: When you incorporate onions into your meals, you will have a larger erection due to the vigorous blood flow into it. Be sure you brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: If you are someone who takes anti-depressants and has erectile dysfunction because of it, you might try ginkgo biloba. This herb acts as a natural Viagra by stimulating blood flow to your penis.
  • steakL-arginine: It is present in steak, tuna, pine nuts and oats. So, don’t forget to pick up some l-arginine the next time you visit a natural food store.

Along with these foods, you can use VigRxplus. It is a male enlargement supplement with therapeutic benefits. It helps stimulate your sexual stamina and potency, as well as escalate your sexual appetite.

6. Be Proud and Shake That Belly

Let’s share an interesting fact: Did you know that the men who have big bellies are good lovers? This is because those men who have belly fat also have a large penis in most cases. However, the sight of your weight turns off any woman who would want to get naughty with you in between the sheets. Even if you have a large penis, your belly would make it appear tiny in comparison. You must be wondering what the bottom line to all this is, right?

If you truly wish to win over women with your impressive penis size, you must join a gym, exercise regularly and replace your sedentary lifestyle for an active one. Ditch the rich, fatty fast food in favor of some healthy salads. You would soon be in top shape and your confidence will be soaring high.

7. Chill Out: Forget Your Stress and Anxiety

Each and every one of us suffers from performance anxiety whenever we have to engage in sexual intercourse with people we love the most. But, if you let your stress dominate your head when you step into your bedroom, your negative emotions would decrease the blood flow to your penis. This will make it near impossible to get an enlarged and erect penis no matter how turned on or horny you are.

Realize that both you and your partner are unique individuals with flaws and she is probably as nervous to be naked as you are. Just count to 10 and believe that your passionate love would see you through the night.

8. The Modern Meditating Life

focus your mindWhat are you thinking about now? Within the last five minutes, you have probably thought about calling your mom tonight, planning a weekend getaway with your buddies and finding that birthday gift for your sister. Modern day living necessitates our minds being bombarded with numerous thoughts all at once; however, you need to focus your mind when you are having sex to help enlarge your penis to your desired size.

Try out meditation and yoga and get amazed by your capability of categorizing your thoughts and going back to them whenever the situation demands it. With the improvement of your blood circulation, your penis would also have a big erection.

9. Massaging With Oil to Increase Penis Size

Get hold of some olive oil for penis massage and apply it throughout the length of the penis and at its base.

  • Grab the tip of your penis by making an ‘O’ shape with your thumb and forefinger.
  • Stretch your penis for about 15 seconds each in the left, right, up and down positions and then let it go.
  • Massage your penis with some extra oil to increase penis size after each stretch. Don’t put too much pressure on your penis as it will do more harm than good.

This massage technique is jelqing and is one of the most effective natural ways for penis enlargement.

10. Cold, Cold, Go Away

Your penis tends to shrink when you subject it to a cold environment. Relax after a long day by taking a warm bath in your tub and invite your girl over.

The unrestricted blood flow to your penis would soon be guaranteed and both of you are sure to get a lot of action at night after sipping the bubbling champagne.

11. Kegels: The Big Boss of all Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement ExercisesThere is a reason why all men swear by Kegel exercises in strengthening pelvic floor muscles to give harder and larger erections. So, how should you go about doing it, you ask?

  • The next time you are urinating, stop mid flow and then try to notice which pelvic muscles contracted when you wanted to stop peeing.
  • Once you have successfully identified the pelvic muscles start performing the kegel exercise by contracting the muscles and holding them in the contracted position for as long as you can.
  • Eventually release the contraction and keep repeating. Your large belly wouldn’t be anywhere in sight and you will have sculpted abs, and an enlarged penis which would make all women swoon.

12. Try Maca Root Supplements

Quite a few men swear by the penis enhancement benefits of maca root supplements. Maca is an aphrodisiac, by virtue of the photo chemicals macaenes and macamides, which it contains. Doctors often advise men to proceed with caution when using it because there is no scientific evidence yet to validate its claims.

It is safe to use in a penis massage oil, though. Massage it for a while so that it gets absorbed by the penis skin and muscles for maximum benefits.

13. Learn When to Accept Defeat

Studies have shown that as men grow older; their penis sensitivity keeps on decreasing slowly. When they reach 60 years of age, sometimes there is a sharp decline. If you find this happening to you, visit your doctor. There are many treatments for men nowadays and medical research will bring more your way as time goes on, so don’t worry.

14. Invest In Penis PumpsPenis pumps

Penis pumps function on the principle of creating a vacuum while utilizing oils, gels, creams and pills. Your penis enlarges when the pump draws the blood to it, increasing both its length and girth in turn. Remember not to expect too much, as its effects will not last all night. Moreover, experts warn against using penis pumps frequently if you want to protect your penile blood vessels.

15. Don’t Shy Away From Considering Surgery

Medical science has ventured into unchartered territories nowadays with the surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures capable of increasing your penis size in a jiffy.

You might be feeling intimidated with the idea of a penis surgery, but let us assure you that muscles and tendons from other parts of your body are grafted into the base of your penis and the risks involved are negligible.

If you would like to have a more active sex life, consider using penis massage oil. Just be careful not to cause any damage to your penis or the skin surrounding it. It is better to be safe than sorry. Remember, most men are of a normal size, even if they think they are smaller than others.

Be proud of who you are and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You deserve to be happy in all aspects of your life, and using a massage oil might just be the solution.


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