11 Hottest Sex Tips for Men: She’ll Go Fifty Shades All Over You

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11 Hottest Sex Tips for Men: She’ll Go Fifty Shades All Over You

You’re getting some, but you want more. You want to know how.

Welcome to the right place.

When it comes to sex tips for men, there’s no one size fits all type of solution. That’s why this article has multiple approaches, which you can apply to make sure you are at full throttle. You can pick your combination of useful tactics to create a personal road map.

Whether you want a marginal improvement or a quantum leap in your sex skills, you’ll find this list of sex tips for men practical and actionable. So, let’s jump right in.

1. Leverage Mini-Goals to Uproot Your Low Confidence

You must believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Without reasonable confidence in your own power, you can satiate neither your partner’s sexual appetite, nor your own.

build your confidenceIn order to build your confidence, you must think of confidence as if it were a bank account. Each time you trust your abilities, push forward, and become successful, your account grows. On the contrary, whenever you doubt your abilities and retreat, your account diminishes.

An effective way to grow your confidence account rapidly is to set and achieve numerous mini-goals. Mini-goals are small tasks that you can successfully complete without a significant investment of time or resources. As your mini-goals begin to stack up, your confidence will begin to soar; and so will your sexual performance.

2. Beat the Law of Diminishing Results and Become a Love Making Machine

There isn’t a worse place to be a one trick pony than in the bedroom. Over a period, you must have developed a liking to certain ways of doing things. Consequently, you become a victim of the law of diminishing results.

In other words, the sexual gratification you receive from using a particular position, decreases each time you use it. For this reason, you must constantly learn and master new moves. Otherwise, your sexual fire will fizzle away.

On the bright side, you have time on your side. You’re not on a deadline and no one is going to test you on the 64 sex positions the Kamasutra describes.

Even if you learn one new position a month, you’ll have learned 12 positions in one year. If you were to select three positions per session, you would have 220 different ways to make love to your partner. Don’t worry the math is right.

3. A Fundamental Key to Success: Don’t Be a Raider, Be an Investor

Raiders loot, pillage, and take what they want forcefully. Investors nurture, care, and earn the rewards. If you focus solely on what you want from the sexual intercourse, you’re being a raider. When you tend to the wants and needs of your partner, you’re being an investor. Remember, sex isn’t meant to cater exclusively to men’s needs.

maintain a private journalAwesome sex is a two-way street. When you’re stuck in your own head, making assumptions about how your partner feels, you achieve the opposite of what you want. Therefore, an occasional reality check goes a long way.

Don’t shy away from asking your partner directly how she feels. Ask her if she wants you to go deeper, harder or faster. Check if she’s comfortable with the position. Talk to her and let her guide you. Instead of concentrating on maintaining control, switch to being an observer.

If you want to take it to the next level, maintain a private journal to record your partner’s desires. Do this for two to three weeks without re-reading what you wrote. At the end of the two-week period, read your notes. You will definitely see patterns emerge, thereby revealing your partner’s sexual blueprint.

To summarize, spoil her for choices, find out what pleases her, and then give her more of everything she pleases. What you give will return to you tenfold.

4. An Effective Arousal Approach You May Be Ignoring

Whatever excuses you have against oral sex pale in comparison to the benefits you will receive by indulging in this love craft.

Oral sex is a fabulous appetizer. If done correctly, oral sex is bound to get the juices flowing. Think of it as fanning the embers until they’re flames. Moreover, oral allows you to relax your nerves and get in the zone. It also helps alleviate any sexual anxiety or performance pressure.

If oral sex isn’t a part of your sexual itinerary, you should positively try including it the next time you make love to your partner. If you’re hesitant, begin with baby steps. You don’t have to go all the way. Most importantly, keep the communication channels open.

After you discover the extent to which oral sex elevates the quality of your sex life, you will never look back. Gaining proficiency in oral sex is one of the best sex advice for men.

5. This Simple Step Gives Your Sex Life a Monumental Boost

Your skin is the single largest organ in your body. The skin contains millions of nerve endings, which grant you the sense of touch. Therefore, if you increase the skin contact between you and your partner, the number of pleasure signals sent to the brain increases proportionally.

lovemakingIn addition to that, there are certain pleasure centers where the density of nerve endings is high. Stimulating such areas results in extremely pleasurable sensations. You’ll learn more about these sensitive erogenous zones shortly.

To incorporate tactile lovemaking into your sexual routine, adopt positions, such as spooning, that ensure a lot of skin contact. Also, cuddle and stroke each other pre and post coitus.

6. The Success Secret to Becoming a Master Love Maker

Erogenous zones are parts of the body that have a large number of nerve endings. The presence of numerous receptors heightens the sensitivity of the area. Stimulating these areas produces intense sexual arousal and orgasm.

Here’s a list of 10sexual hotspots that you should never miss:

  • Tease the area of the vagina close to its entrance.
  • Stimulate the anterior walls of the vagina.
  • Use your lips and tongue to kiss and lick.
  • Massage your partner’s scalp.
  • Kiss, lick or even bite the back of her neck.
  • Breathe softly on your partner’s earlobes.
  • Caress the areola and nipples with your fingertips or orally stimulate them.
  • Pay attention to the navel and lower abdominal region.
  • Stroke the skin on your partner’s inner arms.
  • Lightly brush the back of your partner’s knee and her inner thighs.

Sending pleasure signals to the brain by stimulating erogenous zones is similar to uploading files using high-speed internet, as opposed to using a low speed connection. Doesn’t it make more sense to switch to the efficient way of doing things? You’re right, it does.

7. Experience Intimacy Like Never Before Using a Simple Habit

Experience IntimacyYou can magnify the feeling of connectedness with you partner, if you work on increasing the amount of eye contact with your partner during sex. Here are a few tips to improve eye contact with your partner when you make love to her:

  • Ensure that the room has adequate lighting. If you don’t want to light up the entire room, use night lamps to illuminate the parts of the bedroom where you make love.
  • Use positions that allow you to make eye contact. For instance, choose the splitting bamboo position instead of doing it doggy style or go for cowgirl instead of reverse cowgirl.
  • Take small steps. If making eye contact is difficult, begin by looking into her face and then intensify your eye contact gradually.
  • Be consistent. Practice making eye contact with her throughout the day, especially while conversing with her.

Strong eye contact exudes an aura of honesty and trustworthiness. When your partner trusts you, she feels more comfortable and less vulnerable. This allows her to be truly free around you. Since true freedom is a rare commodity, she’ll naturally gravitate towards more frequent and more intense sex session with you in order to experience the comfort of being boundless.

8. Amp Up Your Mojo with the Right Exercise

Regular exercise keeps your energy levels high, tones your body, strengthens your muscles, improves your self-image, and enhances your mood. In addition to these indirect benefits, exercise can directly benefit your sex life. If exercising isn’t a part of your daily routine, then start immediately. Here’s a list of exercises that bring the most benefits to sex positions men use frequently:

  • Kegels: In this form of exercise, you repeatedly contract the pelvic muscles that control the flow of urine in order to strengthen the muscles and improve sexual responsiveness during intercourse.
  • Plank Pose: Holding the plank pose is a wonderful way to boost your stamina in bed. Planks grant your arms the power to maintain on-top positions. This exercise strengthens the core, improves your thrust, and supports your back.
  • Crunches: Crunches strengthen your core muscles and improve your thrust. It also makes your back strong and prevents injuries. You can do the crunches with a stability ball in order to improve your balance.
  • Leg Raise: Leg raises engage your core and help improve your penetration. It also helps you last longer in upright positions.
  • Push-Ups: Push-ups increase the strength and endurance of your upper-body. Doing push-ups regularly will make a remarkable difference to your sex life.

exercise routineRemember, your exercise routine needs a goal. For example, you goal can be to look great naked, to be stronger, to become more flexible, or to last longer. Your selection of exercises, the amount of time you spend exercising, and the intensity of each exercise session depends on your goal. It’s important not to spread yourself too thin. Work on one goal for two to three months before moving to the next one. Also, make sure you progressively develop strength, endurance, and flexibility.

9. Surprising Sex Tips for Men That Turns Your Sex Life Around

Everybody knows that planning saves time, money, and effort. Unfortunately, people don’t apply that knowledge to your sex life. You might even say, “Plan my sex life? That’s crazy.”

Well, there are benefits of planning your sex life and here’s a list of the top benefits:

  • Scheduling sex allows you to prepare for the intercourse. For example, on sex days, you can get home early, decorate the bedroom with candles, and take a long relaxing bath before having sex.
  • Once you know it’s on, last minute excuses are less likely to pop up.
  • You can use the time between successive sex days to tease each other and build up sexual anticipation.
  • Moreover, you and your partner can discuss erotic role-play scenarios in advance.
  • Planning sex also gives you the chance to eliminate potential obstacles. For example, if you’re worried about your children hearing you, you can plan to leave the kids with their grandparents or you can reserve a weekend junket to have some time to yourself.

If planning sex bothers you because it kills the spontaneity, then don’t worry. Having a plan gives you more opportunities to be spontaneous because you already have most of the pieces in place. Thus, you get to focus on the finer aspects and work on the details. That’s when spontaneity pays off.

You will find the next suggestion on this list of sex tips for guys interesting; let’s find out what it is.

10. Animate Your Love Life Playfully With Gamification

sex life can be amusingYou’ve always desired a more than ordinary sex life, haven’t you? But when you get hands on, no bright ideas seem to come your way. It’s natural to feel alarmed when you’re in a tight spot, no pun intended. That’s why gamifying your sex life can be amusing and relieving.

The following example of gamification will illustrate the point clearly.

  • Cut a page into 16 small strips using a paper knife.
  • Give half of the strips to your partner and keep the remaining half for yourself.
  • On each strip, write one sexual activity you would like to do with your partner.
  • You must describe each activity in one or two sentences.
  • Each activity must also take less than two minutes to complete.
  • Hide your stash of strips from your partner and don’t peek into her set of strips.
  • After you and your partner finish writing all the strips, fold them neatly.
  • Drop the folded strips into two opaque containers, one for your chits and one for your partner’s chits.
  • Now, you and your partner choose to play any game. For example poker.
  • The loser has to pick a strip from the winner’s container and perform the action written on the strip.

In this manner, you get to experience the thrill of competition along with the pleasure of sexual stimulation. A few rounds later, you’ll be tumbling in bed like excited teenagers. To keep things fresh and exciting, keep changing the cards and changing the game.

The heart of the matter is that all your ideas are in place before you begin your intercourse and the game triggers cues that help you execute those ideas. Therefore, you spend absolutely no time thinking about what to do. Instead, you can get fully involved with your partner.

11. Don’t Miss This Crucial Step to Manage Your Expectations

Management guru, Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets managed.”

Thus, when we’re talking about managing your expectations, we’re actually talking about measuring your expectations.

Measuring expectations means setting your standards with respect to your own past performance. Therefore, instead of frustrating yourself trying to emulate a TV sex idol, you need to establish your personal metrics.

improve your sexual performanceHere’s an example to explain how monitoring metrics can help improve your sexual performance.

Let’s say you’re out of breath after 14 minutes of sexual activity, you can choose to work on your cardiovascular health to increase your lung capacity. After exercising for two to three weeks, you can check whether you’re able to cross the 14-minute mark or not. This way, you can progressively push your limits.

However, you’ll get nowhere if you don’t have any metrics to guide you. Also, remember to take it slow because biting off more than you can chew leads to frustration and disappointment.

Your Journey Begins With Your Personal Roadmap

Great, you’ve soaked all the information like a sponge. Unfortunately, knowledge makes no difference until you act on it. Therefore, put into practice at least one of the above strategies today.

After reading the tips, if you find that some tips are more relevant to you than others are, then act on those tips first. For instance, if you are physically fit, you can skip the exercise part and pay attention to other areas, such as working on your confidence, or learning new moves; however, if the 11 sex tips for men overwhelm you, then start with tip number one. After you bolster your confidence, it will give you the drive to execute the other steps.

Good luck for the wonderful journey ahead. Hope it bring your rich rewards and immense pleasure. Every man deserves it.


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