Male Enhancement Pills and Alcohol: A Bad Mix

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Male Enhancement PillsInsecurities and inferiorities caused by sex-related problems kill a man’s ego. To put an end to this problem, men take male enhancement pills with the hope that this will help resolve their problems.

But, men in general also have vices, like smoking and drinking that are hard to bring to an end. This poses another dilemma as male enhancement pills and alcohol should not be used together.

Again, there are various manufacturers who claim that male enhancement pills and alcohol can be taken together. However, there are several reasons why this is not possible. First, alcohol can decrease the potency of male enhancement pills.

Second, excessive intake of alcohol affects the male reproductive system. Third, taking male enhancement pills with alcohol may augment the effects of the alcohol.

Male Enhancement Pills And Alcohol Together

It is believed that when male enhancement pills and alcohol are taken together, the drug is reduced, or worse, unexpected drug interactions occur. This may result in the failure of the drug to deliver desired outcomes. The following are the aftermaths when male enhancement pills and alcohol are used together:

  • alchoalNo change in testosterone levels. There are male enhancement pills that are used to increase testosterone levels. However, research has shown that alcohol can impede drug interaction.
  • Therefore, even if a man takes the pill, he would neither feel the changes nor would his testosterone levels shoot up.
  • Decreased sex drive. Male enhancement pills should increase a man’s sex drive as a result of the increase in testosterone levels. But, because drug interaction was hindered, then there is no testosterone elevation.
  • Furthermore, excessive alcohol intake can make a man sleepy and fatigued, which can further jeopardize his performance on bed.
  • Difficulty in having an erection. Male enhancement pills and alcohol, when taken in combination, can jeopardize sexual activity. Instead of helping a man achieve erection, the opposite may happen.
  • Does not enlarge the penis. Most men take alcohol to make them appear relaxed and calm. However, this will not help them achieve their goal of having a bigger penis.

How Alcohol Intake Destroys The Male Reproductive System

male enhancement pillsAlcohol is believed to be a man’s pastime. However, excessive alcohol intake can actually be a culprit of sexual dysfunction in men.

Thus, even if a man takes male enhancement pills, desired results may not still be achievable. The following are the outcomes when a man exorbitantly consumes alcohol:

  • Gynecomastia. This is defined as the engorgement of breasts as a result of the increase in estrogen levels. When a man consumes alcohol in excess, his testosterone level drops. This results in an increase in estrogen levels, making a man’s breasts appear puffy.
  • Damage to healthy reproductive cells. Abusive alcohol consumption destroys healthy cells in the body. One of these cells are the ones responsible for producing sperm cells. Thus, even if male enhancement pills are taken, the quality of the sperm cells still degrades with alcohol consumption.
  • Damage to sexual health. Alcohol and cigarettes both contain chemicals that damage the sexual health of a man. It does not only jeopardize the reproductive system, but also causes psychological effects, such as anxiety.
  • Triggers impotence. Too much alcohol consumption will also eventually trigger or cause impotence. This is because alcohol damages the healthy cells that produce sperm cells. As a consequence, sperm cells degrade in quality. Once this happens, infertility may take place and a man may be impotent.
  • alcohalDecreases sperm count. Alcohol, when consumed in large amounts, damages sperm-producing cells. When cells are extremely damaged, their capability to produce sperm cells also deteriorates. This result in a decrease in the number of sperm cells.
  • Kills sexual desire. Alcohol is believed to be an aphrodisiac that makes it easier for men to approach women. This is because alcohol affects a man’s brain and behavior; hence, it is easier for him to approach a woman. However, opposite happens when in bed, alcohol does encourage a satisfying and pleasurable sexual experience.

Augmented Effects Of Alcohol

Male enhancement pills and alcohol taken together does not only affect the male reproductive system, it also harms other systems in the body, namely the nervous system and the circulatory system. Taking male enhancement pills and alcohol in combination may increase the severity of these effects including the following:

  • PillsIncreases blood pressure and heart rate. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate.
  • These are also effects of male enhancement pills. Thus, there is an intensification of the effect which can probably lead to blood vessel rupture.
  • Sweating, dizziness, lightheadedness and headaches. These nervous system effects are caused by excessive alcohol intake. Furthermore, these effects are strengthened with male enhancement pills. This results in a man feeling fatigued and sleepy, causing an unsatisfying sexual experience.
  • Finally, if a man is having trouble choosing between male enhancement pills and alcohol, he should take time to set his priorities in life. He should choose between his vices and a healthy, satisfying sex life. While it is true that alcohol in moderate amounts can serve as a vital libido booster, excessive intake may do the opposite. This is the reason why a man cannot choose both.

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